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Achievements And Honors

 Long Tunnel Digging Of Zagros May 21, 2017

Managing Director of Tunnel Saz Machine Company
Mr. Ali Mohammad Saheb

The effort to build Islamic Iran based on the indigenous knowledge and manpower of the country is one of the most prominent aspects of the prosperity of the resistance economy in the way of production and employment.
Now that, with the guidance of the God and the indisputable efforts of the endeavors of this border, the excavation of the Zagros tunnel, which is one of the major projects of the country, has come to an end, and undoubtedly, this valuable success is due to the efforts of the company in its implementation. Thanks to this project, I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of this great success of the unceasing efforts of this collection.
I ask you God forgiveness for the success of the development of our beloved country in Iran.
Seyyed Naser Taghaddomi
Managing Director of the Water and Energy Resources Center

Fourth Dam and Tunnel Conference and Exhibition Iran, August 28, 2016

Dear Tunnel Machine Company

Sustainable economic and social development of the country will not be realized unless it continually elaborates on its elaboration and its eloquence.
Thank you for your constructive and ongoing presence in Iran's Islamic development and thank you to the riches of the largest biennial gathering of Dam and tunnels.

We would like to have the prosperity of serving our service in the future.

Tunnels and Future 10th of September, 2015

Mr. Ali Mohammad Saheb
Managing Director of Tunnel Saz Machine Company
Thanks to the efforts of your colleagues and members to attend the 11th Tunnel Conference on tunnels and future of the 11th Regional Conference and to present the latest technical achievements of this company, and we are looking forward to increase of your professionalism in tunneling.