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The Tunnel Saz Machine Company was registered in the Industrial Property Registration and Industrial Property Registration Office under No. 218371 in 2003 and has started its activities in the fields of tunneling and mechanized drilling.
Since 2007, the company has been expanded by operating well-known tunneling and drilling forces, in order to mechanized drilling and providing technical and management services.
Tunnel Saz Machine Co., with collecting well-trained team and skilled engineers in field of mechanized drilling, intends to play a significant role of providing proper technical services and guidance in the progress and success of this industry both within the country and in neighboring countries, simultaneous with the development of the tunnel industry in the world.
Due to the increasing number of tunnels being run by all mechanized machines and economic justification of this method, it was absolutely necessary to form a set of skilled and powerful forces and use of their valuable experiences, to provide fast and economical fields for the implementation of standards in tunneling industry.
In addition to the above mentioned, this company has the experience and ability to manufacture and supply a significant percentage of equipment related to tunneling and mechanized drilling, and through communication with experienced internal manufacturers and the transfer knowledge and useful information they have been able to play a significant role in the production Successful of those products.
Based on the technical knowledge of its forces and the precise knowledge of tunnel equipment and internal and external markets, the Tunnel Saz Machine has the ability to supply equipment and spare parts of tunnel digger machines from inside and outside the country and is honored to provide reliable, fast and valuable services for executives and employers.
The company uses the services of the German company, Tunnel Consult, which has valuable experience in this regard, also in the field of geological studies, tunnel design and calculation, selection of drilling machines and the provision of appropriate solutions to executive problems.