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The 5th Iran Dams & Tunnel Conference & Exhibition

The 5th Iran Dams and Tunnel Conferences and Exhibitions were held at the Tehran Research Institute of Roads & municipalize in Tehran on October 2018. This event is held with the approach of examining the needs and priorities of the dam and tunnel sections, as in the past four biennials, with the participation of 12 specialized associations and the presence of more than 2000 activists in this field.

Conference Aspects:
The main focus of the conference: Sustainable development and integrated management

Dam section aspects
• Improve the methods of exploiting, maintaining the existing and historical infrastructure
• Reservoir management and sustainable development (reservoir sediment, maintaining useful capacity, climate impact, water quality and drinking water dependency on cities)
• The role of dams to encounter the effects of climate change and appropriate strategies
• The role of dams in the sustainability of water resources in water bodies (continuous supply and demand management in surface water, underground and dams)
• Implement water market with the economic and inherent value of water in catchment areas
• Re-engineering in dam construction projects and applications of unused dams, releasing and dismantling them.
• Safety, risk and reliability analysis
• Environmental impacts of dams and droughts
• Concrete dams, concrete cement mortar
• Residual dams
• Inter-basin water transfer challenges

Tunnel section aspects
• Urban design and application of underground spaces, comprehensive underground metropolises plans
• A review about experiences of metro constructing in metropolises
• Safety issues in traffic tunnels and metro
• Operation, monitoring, repair, maintenance and renovation of tunnels
• Challenges for long tunnel transfer of water
• Modern tunneling technology

General Aspects
• Future contracting and consulting capacities
• Financing

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  • Date: Saturday, October 6, 2018
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