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    Actives In Mechanized
    Tunnelling Industry

    The Tunnel Saz Machine Company has been established and started to form a competent and skilled team in the field of operational activities of high-powered tunnels.Over the duration of this period, the team has succeeded in gathering experienced experts in various fields including hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, electronics, management, and supply management, and has been able to provide worthy services of attention to ongoing and implemented mechanized projects in the country.Since the supply of special spare parts and tunnelling equipment, and the provision of specialized services, is particularly important and has always been among the problems of employers, this Company has been set up requirements to meet this need and provide an efficient team of searching, retrieving and procuring these items for appropriate response to needs of different projects.By providing these services and endeavours to update authorities and transfer the latest technology and equipment to the country’s mechanized drilling system, the company is proud to announce that currently provides over 80% Domestic mechanized drilling projects and have been able to play a role, in this area of the country’s executive activities.


    The Tunnel Saz Machine Co., has been registered in the Industrial Property Registration office under the number 218371 in 2003 and has started its activities in the field of tunnel and mechanized drilling.Since 2007, the company has been operating in order to gather experienced man powers in the field of tunnels, mechanized drilling and provide technical and management services.
    The Tunnel Saz Machine Co., by gathering a complete set of experienced engineers in the field of mechanized drilling, plans to play a significant role in the progress and success of the industry in the country as well as in neighbor countries with the advancement of the tunnel industry in the world, through the provision of appropriate technical and management services.
    Due to the increasing number of tunnels being completed by all mechanized machines and economic justification, this method seemed absolutely necessary to form a set of skilled and capable man power and use their valuable experiences to be able to meet the standards of rapid tunneling constriction.

    Based on the technical knowledge of its personnel and the precise knowledge of tunnel equipment for internal and external markets, the company has the ability to supply equipment and spare parts of tunnel excavation devices from inside and outside the country and can provide reliable, fast and valuable services to the executors and the respectable employers in this area.
    In addition to the above, the company has become familiar with the operation of mechanized drilling machines in recent years in the field of designing and manufacturing of these devices and equipment related to them, and by adopting a policy of producing stage plans to know the production of 60 up to 70 percent of TBMs and micro TBMs to reduce the dependence of the industry from abroad and take a step toward the self-sufficiency of the industry in the country till 2021.
    In this regard, with the equipping of a factory with an area of 10,000 square meters and utilizing the technical and engineering capacity from the experts of the design and execution of the project involved the construction and completion of several machines, including TBMs with a diameter of 9.4 meters, 6.2 meters and micro-TBM devices of 1600 and 2000 mm in size, it can successfully complete this design.
    Tunnel Saz Machine company uses the services of Tunnel consult, which has valuable experience in the field of geological studies, design and tunnel calculations, the selection of excavation machines and the provision of appropriate solutions to executive problems.

    Sir. Ali Mohammad Saheb

    Direct Manager And Chairman Of The Board


    Mission & Vision | Quote From Direct Manager

    In the direction of this important task, Tunnel Saz Machine Company, based on the experience and technical knowledge of its personnel in the field of mechanized drilling and the excavation of high tunnels in this way, has been able to provide significant services to develop projects of the country.Participation in the implementation of infrastructure projects such as the construction of water transfer tunnels, traffic tunnels (subway and car), surface water diversion tunnels, urban tunnel and sewage, all of which play a significant role in public prosperity, are among the honors of this complex.Providing specialized services with high efficiency and high quality in the field of mechanized drilling is a goal that the company is pursuing to achieve the success and satisfaction of its employers.With the help of the Almighty God, we hope to play our part in the development of Iran.

    Achievements And Honors Tunnel Saz Machine Company

     Long Tunnel Digging Of Zagros May 21, 2017

    Managing Director of Tunnel Saz Machine Company
    Mr. Ali Mohammad Saheb

    The effort to build Islamic Iran based on the indigenous knowledge and manpower of the country is one of the most prominent aspects of the prosperity of the resistance economy in the way of production and employment.
    Now that, with the guidance of the God and the indisputable efforts of the endeavors of this border, the excavation of the Zagros tunnel, which is one of the major projects of the country, has come to an end, and undoubtedly, this valuable success is due to the efforts of the company in its implementation. Thanks to this project, I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of this great success of the unceasing efforts of this collection.
    I ask you God forgiveness for the success of the development of our beloved country in Iran.
    Seyyed Naser Taghaddomi
    Managing Director of the Water and Energy Resources Center

    Fourth Dam and Tunnel Conference and Exhibition Iran, August 28, 2016

    Dear Tunnel Machine Company

    Sustainable economic and social development of the country will not be realized unless it continually elaborates on its elaboration and its eloquence.
    Thank you for your constructive and ongoing presence in Iran’s Islamic development and thank you to the riches of the largest biennial gathering of Dam and tunnels.

    We would like to have the prosperity of serving our service in the future.

    Tunnels and Future 10th of September, 2015

    Mr. Ali Mohammad Saheb
    Managing Director of Tunnel Saz Machine Company
    Thanks to the efforts of your colleagues and members to attend the 11th Tunnel Conference on tunnels and future of the 11th Regional Conference and to present the latest technical achievements of this company, and we are looking forward to increase of your professionalism in tunneling.