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    Tunnel Saz Machine Co., by applying the experiences gained from mechanized projects in the country and in the direction of self-sufficiency in this industry, has implemented the team of experienced TBM machine experts and engineers with combining these two department to design and build and get managed to step in the design and construction of mechanized machinery for drilling TBM tunnels and related equipment.
    The use of second-hand key components and design the internal and construction of other parts, is the policy that this company apply to provide the necessary assurance of the smooth functioning of the original devices.

    In this regard, the design and construction teams will focus on the following four areas:

    1. Design and manufacture of TBM and MTBM mechanized boring machines
    2. Design and construction of Tunnel Conveyor System
    3. Design and construction of locomotives and equipment for Rolling Stuck
    4. Design and manufacture of shearing tools