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    Considering the need of the country’s projects to supply certain spare parts, especially after imposing strict sanctioning conditions, Tunnel Saz Machine Company has been able to provide the necessary solutions, relying on the knowledge of experienced technicians to provide significant services in this regard, for its customers. In general, the activities of this company can be classified in three distinct formats:

    1- Supply the tunneling Equipment:
    • New and second-hand mechanized digger (TBM) devices
    • Tunnel conveyor system
    • Segment format
    • Rail equipment (including locomotives, rails, switches, wagons and etc.)

    2- Supply the mechanical-hydraulic spare parts:
    • All of the hydraulic and pneumatic systems including pumps, valves and consumers
    • Filtration and filter elements from various known companies such as Pall, Parker
    • Main bearings, Erector bearings and special gearboxes
    • Shear tools

    3- Supply the electrical and electronic spare parts:
    • Providing various central control systems (PLCs) and their spare parts
    • Preparation of various sensors including various sensors for measuring length, diaphragm and needle pressure
    • Provision of various types of inverters and control boards including ABB, Elin water frequency.