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    Country, city : Iran, Tehran
    Year of construction : 2013
    Stock : Sub-surface water transfer
    Geology : Clay Sand
    Mechanical data : EPB-,Single Shiled/ Mix face
    Client : Khakriz ab Company - Tehran Municipality
    Description : Length of the Tunnel 4500
    Device size : Device Diameter: 4.3 m
    device type : EPB Single Shield
    Manufacturer : LOVAT
    TunnelSazMachine Company Activities
    Overhaul and full maintenance of machine set main drive, include

    • Full Dissembling of main drive,

    • Performing health tests of various components of main bearing of TBM

    • Accurate measurement of abrasion and permissible tolerance of main bearing,

    • Full Dissembling of sealing part of main drive,

    • Repair & refined of main drive ring speed and full amendment of wears and corrosion of sales seat place,

    • Complete disassembly, repair and assembly of main drive gearboxes and electro motors,