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    Country, City: Iran, Ahwaz
    Year: 2021
    Type: Micro Tunneling
    Client: Fatter
    Progress: Excavated more than 190 meters
    Name: ASM 1000
    Type: MTBM
    Manufacturer: Tunnel Saz Machine (TSM)
    Year of Construction: 2021
    Other Technical Specifications: Download Catalogue
    TunnelSazMachine Company Activities

    • Supplying the Device
    • Complete Construction and Maintenance of the Device
    • Performing a 1000-meter Excavating Operation Using the Device

    Project Description

    Tunnel Saz Machine (TSM) made Micro TBM, ASM 1000, managed to complete its first drive successfully in the challenging geological condition of Ahwaz city, establishing the sewage line.

    According to IRNA, the operational phase of the Ahwaz Sewage Network got started a year ago, the monetary budget was funded by the Iranian National Funds for Development.

    The establishment of 14 km of Ahwaz Sewage Network has been sealed to be accomplished, for the time being, parts are under construction. In the event of successful completion of the current project, it will be expanded to stretch the sewage line to other neighborhoods within the city to maintain a stable sewage system of Ahwaz Megacity.