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    Country, city : Iran, Tehran
    Year of construction : 2017
    Stock : Transferring Water
    Geology :
    Mechanical data :
    Client : KhakRiz Ab Co- Consultant: Ray AB Company
    Description :
    Device size : 1980 mm
    device type : Micro TBM AVN 1600 , Sularry - Full Face
    Manufacturer : Herrenknecht
    Year of construction :
    Other technical specifications :
    TunnelSazMachine Company Activities

    • Supplying the device
    • Complete reconstruction and overhaul of the device
    • Performing a 2500-meter long pipeline operation

    Project Description

    Plan of the removing dewatering point in Fatah Highway, includes implementation of 80 meters pipeline by Pipe Jacking method in the downhill route of this highway and 200 meters piping by Open Trench method.

    With the implementation of the mentioned project, the surface water of the Fatah highway will be shifted from the Kafshe Melli Bridge to the Karvansara Sangi Bridge, by moving the pipeline to the south side of the highway, and from there also to the canals which is located within the city of Qods, after the Rah Ahan Bridge. The aim of this project is to improve the status of the project to collect surface water of the region and to improve the level of services to the citizens and increase their satisfaction.