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    Country, city : Iran, Alborz
    Year of construction :
    Stock :
    Geology :
    Mechanical data : Tunnel length: 30 Km
    Client : Tehran Water and Wastewater Company
    Description :
    Device size : 4300 mm
    device type : S/323 Hard Rock Double Shiel
    Manufacturer : Herrenknecht
    Year of construction : 2005
    Other technical specifications :
    TunnelSazMachine Company Activities

    The tunnel was built in two phases of 16 km and 14 km:

    A- The operations carried out in the first phase of this project include:

    • Assembling and installation the machine in the form of Field Service Company

    B- Operations carried out in the second phase of this project include:

    • Assembling Full Main Drive as per below:
    • Repair and service of all main electric motors
    • Inspect the Pinion Bearings and ensuring from their health
    • Replacing Main Drive
    • Bearing test and original gear
    • Advice on Main Bearing Hourly Estimates during the First Phase of the Project and Decisions to Provide Drilling with Primary Bearings
    • Procurement of spare parts and consumables during project implementation
    • Installing gravel pump injection system simultaneously with drilling from inside Tuil Shield
    • Fixing the problem of leaking rings of the machine by installing the retaining arms of the rings
    • Design and installation of a brush for Tuil Shield to prevent material entering the shield
    • Providing technical advice on how to inject and seal rings