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    Country, city : Iran, Khuzestan
    Year of construction :
    Stock :
    Geology :
    Mechanical data : Tunnel length: 9.5 Km
    Client : Regional water of Khuzestan
    Description :
    Device size :
    device type : S/357
    Manufacturer :
    Year of construction :
    Other technical specifications :
    TunnelSazMachine Company Activities

    • Full Main Drive assembly including as below:
    • Complete rebuilding of Main Drive engines and gearboxes
    • Replacing Pennyon Bearing
    • Supply and Replacement Main Drive (Markel Seal)
    • Preparation and replacement of catheter stadbort
    • Provide spare parts and consumables required by the project during the implementation
    • Execution of the Pey Gravel propagation system simultaneously with the Tuilshield drilling operation