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    Introducing the course

    This course is designed to provide specialized training in the field of hydraulic and pneumatically hydraulic designed systems. This course also provides practical training with classroom training to better understand the content and to better understand the function of different systems. This course, with the provision of theoretical and practical information, allows students to plan, troubleshoot, repair and design hydraulic systems that, due to the wide application of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in various industries, in particular the drilling industry mechanized provides students with the right conditions to engage in these jobs

    Benefits of the course • Using experienced staff in providing theoretical and practical training
    • Introduction to advanced hydraulic systems performance in practical classes
    • Providing appropriate conditions for entry into relevant labor markets
    Skills acquired at the end of the course

    • Introduction to Advanced Hydraulic Systems (Servo and Proportional)
    • Aurveying advanced hydraulic systems
    • Analyzing how the system works
    • Troubleshooting Advanced Hydraulic Systems
    • General repair of hydraulic systems
    • Design and construction of advanced hydraulic systems