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    Introducing the course

    This course has been used to provide specialized training on PLC and intelligent control systems with the functions of different systems. This course, with the provision of theoretical and practical information, enables students to program and set up electrical systems in which, given the widespread use of plc systems and intelligent systems in various industries, and in particular the mechanized drilling industry Provides good conditions for recruiting these jobs for trainees.

    Benefits of the course • Use experienced staff in providing theoretical and practical training
    • Introduction to the operation of PLC systems in practical classes
    • Providing appropriate conditions for entry into relevant labour markets
    Skills acquired at the end of the course

    • Introduction to the programming environment
    • Familiar with advanced programming and troubleshooting
    • How to handle analog inputs and outputs
    • Using advanced commands such as computational instructions and data transfer commands
    • Programming and launching a project
    • Introduction to Industrial Networks