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    Introducing the course

    This course is designed to provide advanced training in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and in addition to providing theoretical training including practical classes in order to provide a better understanding of the performance of these systems. This course provides theoretical and practical information to engineers and university graduates to enter the market for goods related to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, especially tunnel industry and mechanized drilling.

    Benefits of the course • Use of experienced professors in providing theoretical and practical training
    • Introduction to the performance of basic hydraulic systems in practical classes
    • Providing appropriate conditions for entering into relevant labor markets
    Skills acquired at the end of the course

    • Introduction to hydraulic and pneumatic signs
    • Introduction to hydraulic systems and various components of the system
    • Familiar with a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic pumps
    • Familiar with a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic operators
    • Surveying simplified hydraulic system
    • Troubleshooting of hydraulic systems
    • Preliminary hydraulic systems design