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    Introducing the course

    This course is designed to provide general information and training to trainees and managers of companies and industries related to tunnels and mechanized drilling. In addition to familiarizing with various drilling techniques and factors influencing the selection of these methods, participants will also be familiar with a variety of TBM-powered drilling machines. Participation in this course is recommended for young graduates who intend to enter the tunnel industry and mechanized drilling.

    Benefits of the course • The use of experienced professors in the mechanized drilling industry
    • Introduction of various drilling methods and factors influencing these methods selection
    • Introduction of a variety of mechanized drilling machines
    • Provides information and training in the field of mechanized drilling
    Skills acquired at the end of the course

    • Familiarity with various drilling techniques
    • Understanding the impact of the selection of different drilling methods
    • Familiarity with Hard Rock TBMs specified for Hard Rock Drilling Machines
    • Introduction to Soft Ground TBMs specified for Soft Drilling Machines
    • Understanding the risks of mechanized drilling
    • Familiarity with the factors influencing the selection of TBM devices