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    6 December, 2021 / 0 Comments Advance of Dame Whina Cooper to Karangahape Station

    A great landmark has been achieved in Auckland’s City Rail Link (CRL) project on 18 October 2021.TBM Dame Whina Cooper dug 32 m beneath the ground into the Karangahape Station construction site at the end of its 860-m-long journey from Mt Eden.

    This project's cost and scheduled timeline have been affected by pandemics seriously. In such a way that New Zealand’s last covid lockdown for five weeks postponed the TBM’s planned September breakthrough. The efficiency of CRL’s main contractor, the Link Alliance's TBM was well below during the lockdown period, in order to pause earth settling around it. Tunneling accelerated when lockdown restrictions eased.

    Due to the high speed of TBM during its journey under Spaghetti Junction on the motorway, Link Alliance significantly attained Karangahape ahead of its rescheduled time in November.

    More details are accessible in video below.


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