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    26 December, 2023 / 0 Comments ASM 2000 Successfully Completed its First Drive in Chabahar Desalination Project

    With the successful completion of the drilling process of the first drive in the challenging Chabahar desalination plant pipeline drilling project, an important step was taken in advancing this strategic project. Increases access to fresh water in the region.

    ASM 2000 Retrieving Process

    At the heart of this pioneering effort is the advanced tunnel boring machine of Tunnel Saz Machine Company called ASM 2000. This advanced slurry type micro TBM device is capable of drilling under water pressure and in different geological conditions. Mechanized drilling under the seabed was the biggest challenge facing this project, which was solved thanks to the continuous efforts of our colleagues in the Tunnel Saz Machine company. With the valuable experience obtained from this project, it will be possible to develop the construction of desalination platforms and solve the water crisis in the southern and central provinces of the country. The mechanized drilling method of the inlet and outlet water channels of the desalination platforms, in addition to creating the possibility of absorbing water from the deeper parts of the sea, which has a much better water quality than the beaches, greatly reduces the costs of the operation period, and has a significant effect in reducing the harmful environmental effects of desalination on the beaches by avoiding concentration and accumulation of the salt separated from the water on the beaches by using the outlet channels extended in the depth of the sea.

    The mechanized drilling method of the inlet and outlet water channels of desalination plants, in addition to making it possible to build these channels in any geological conditions, has the least destructive effect on the environment. In this method, the seabed is excavated only at the exit point of the device and remains untouched throughout the construction of the pipeline.

    With the success that marks a turning point in the construction and operation of Chabahar Desalination Project, we hope to witness a transformative development in the sustainability of the country's water resources.

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