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    6 December, 2022 / 0 Comments Grand Paris Express – Updates

    Line 17

    Completing digging process of the 1.2 km tunnel, which has been commenced in April 2022, the TBM Dorine with 120 m length and over 1,000 t weight brokethrough at Line 17’s Rolland manufact in Le Bourget at a depth of 26 m on 14th November 2022.

    The main purpose of TBM Dorine in previous year was completion of the first Verdun - Rolland section with 1.1km length for Line 17, while the machine in both sections passed through the future Le Bourget RER station located at the intersection of lines 16 and 17.

    Linking the tunnels of lines 16 and 17 of the new Grand Paris Express, the Verdun and Rolland structures has been constructed on either side of Le Bourget RER station. Also in order to changing tracks to take different routes, they incorporate one or more switches allowing trains, whereas providing the possibility of evacuation of passengers for emergency and the ventilation of the lines 16 and 17 tunnels.

    Line 18
    Additionally, the passing route of TBM Celine was the future Massy - Palaiseau station on Line 18 on 14/11/2022. The intended TBM last year was commissioned by Camille Claudel in Palaiseau. While the maximum quantity of TBM's excavation path is due to be 6km for Line 18, it has bored 2.5 km of the West tunnel by now.

    TBM Dorine in Grand Paris Express

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