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    8 November, 2022 / 0 Comments Intensive Work at Victoria Cross Station

    The installation of the 170-meter-long metro platform and all platform screen doors is continued well at Victoria Cross Station in North Sydney.

    The mezzanine level, which will use as the main entrance and exit to the southern section of the platform and measures 50 meters in length and 15 meters in width, is also finished.

    The enormous station cavern, which is 300 meters long, 25 meters wide, and 16 meters high, is progressing quickly. The enormous cavern is Australia's largest railway cavern and is 40% larger than any other cavern constructed as part of the Sydney Metro project.

    The cavern was used to put pieces of the station together during construction. To get all station parts to the site, they had to be moved through the entrance, which was as big as a garage door.

    The main pedestrian walkway that connects the northern end of the station to the metro platform below will be finished in the coming months as part of work at the station. It is 100 meters long and 8 meters wide.

    The station will have 14 new lifts installed by the end of the year, and work on installing the 19 new escalators that will take customers from the platform to different parts of the station will have progressed.

    Customers will be able to travel from North Sydney to Barangaroo and Martin Place in just three and five minutes once the station opens in 2024.

    Facts about construction:

    • over 11,370 tonnes of concrete have been poured so far.
    • 4,011 tons of steel used to reinforce concrete structures like lift columns, walls, floors, and walls.
    • more than 30 finished spaces for underground plant rooms.
    • 240 panels of the glass-reinforced concrete line the platform ceiling. The total weight of each panel is about 200 kg. These have been installed along with 1,700 aluminum panels.
    • Approximately 260 tons of concrete and 950 tons of steel reinforcement were used in the construction of the mezzanine level.

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