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    23 January, 2021 / 0 Comments Mae Tang – Mae Ngad TBMs to face challenging geology

    Two 4.74 m, diameter hard rock double shields will be used for Mae Tang-Mae Ngad water diversion project in Thailand which will work on complicated and multiplex geology ranges, such as granite, quartzite, sandstone, mudstone, clay stone, and highly fractured and weathered rock masses (with a UCS range of 8MPa to 220MPa). The TBMs will bore entire of 15km of tunnel in the mountains north of Chiang Mai city. They will install precast concrete segmental lining rings, consisting of four x 1400 mm wide honeycomb style segments, with an inner diameter of 4 m. The Cutter heads have each been equipped with heavy-duty 17” disc cutters. The 1,500 kw Electric Variable Frequency Main Drives (VFD) will allow the cutter heads to cut in harder rock zones at a maximum speed of 9 rpm.

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