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    8 February, 2022 / 0 Comments Providing all Machines for Surat Metro Rail Project by TERRATEC

    Another EPB TBM, which has 6.61m diameter and is due to be used on Phase I of Surat Metro Rail Project in India in the first days of the current month once completed its factory acceptance successfully, is delivered by TERRATEC. This indicates all the machines for Phase 1 of the Surat Metro Rail project will be from TERRATEC.

    Including composition of both brand new and refurbished EPBMs all machines required for this project have been provided by TERRATEC. Such as using a brand new EPBM and a refurbished TBM for Package UG-01, Gulermak as well as two refurbished TBMs for Package UG-02, JKumar. TERRATEC provides all spare parts, onsite technical assistance, and a key field service engineer for the whole refabricating. TERRATEC is proud to be the sole provider of all the TBMs for the project.

    Comprising of two corridors with a combined length of 40.35 kilometers that are undergoing from January 2021, the Surat Metro is an under-construction rapid transit rail system for Surat in the Gujarat state of India. While the scheduled date for completion of this project is December 2023, currently the new TBM is going to be carried to India and the next step is reassembling it on-site with the help of the TERRATEC field service team.

    The expected facing geological conditions along the tunnel alignments will be sand, clay, gravel, and silt. Benefiting cut and cover method a twin bored underground tunnel is aimed to be constructed among the Northern ramp and Surat Railway Metro station and all across 6 beneath the ground stations. The subsets of Package UG-01 are Kapodra, Labheshwar Chowk, and Central Warehouse stations, while Package UG-02, covers Chowk Bazar, Maskati Hospital, and Surat Railway stations.

    In order to complete the excavation process of Phase-I of the Surat Metro Rail Project, this latest new TBM will be used by Gulermak-Sam India JV for Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Limited. An underground tunnel with 7km length and six underground stations are the contents of Package UG-01 and Package UG-02.

    The robust mixed-face dome-style cutterheads that are designed to work effectively in the soil composed of sand, clay, gravel, and silt are improvised in versatile TERRATEC EPBM units. During the advancement of the TBMs, they will install 1,500mm wide by 275mm thick pre-cast concrete lining rings, which consist of five segments plus a key.

    Surat Metro Rail Project TBM Provided by TERRATEC

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