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    20 December, 2021 / 0 Comments Strata Worldwide Selected as Traylor Bros’s Partner in Presenting the BORAID LINE to Tunnellers

    Strata Worldwide was chosen as Traylor Bros. monopolized distribution partner in generating their Boraid® line of TBM products to the greater tunneling marketplace. Commencing from North America, the Boraid® line of soil conditioners, polymers, and shield sealant, which formerly not sold directly, currently is due to be available to tunnel builders everywhere.

    According to Chris Hebert, Vice President and Traylor’s Underground Division Manager: “Tunnel contractors have recognized the value in procuring our Traylor Precast tunnel liners on their projects for more than 20 years. With the Boraid® line, we recognize similar quality and performance that will surely be of interest to the same customer base.”

    “We are very happy to represent Traylor Bros. and act as their market channel partner in the distribution of this technology. This is a very unique and novel line of products that will be the perfect addition to our Geotech offerings,” stated Mike Berube, President, and CEO of Strata Worldwide.

    Two Project Directors for Traylor, Dick McLane, and Josh Jonasen, during the last 10 years have been a remarkable effort in the advancement of these technologies.

    “We are excited to add these excellent, complementary technologies to the Strata portfolio that the industry is already aware of. Strata Tunneling now offers solutions on even more fronts, thereby enhancing our value as a partner to tunnel constructors,” states Mike Rispin, VP Strata Tunneling.

    He adds: “Producing the Boraid® line in North America shortens the domestic supply chain, optimizes the freight component of costs, and offers lead time advantage to contractors.”


    Currently the third generation of Traylors are responsible for prospering Traylor Bros, Inc, which has been settled in 1946 in Evansville Indiana, USA. Constructing the most challenging tunnel projects in North America and abroad is the center subject of the company’s underground sector. While their professional teams utilize state-of-the-art technology to present projects in every type of ground, including soft ground, hard rock, and everything in between, TBM tunneling methods comprise of mixed shield/slurry, earth pressure balance, and hard rock tunnel boring. Traylor Bros. also has extensive experience in sequential excavation mining, and drill and shoot excavation.

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    As a universal leader in developed technologies, Strata Worldwide is specifically designed to provide the safest and sustained productivity for underground working operations. Dedicated technologies, such as emergency refuge chambers, communication networks, and proximity detection safety systems, as well as a collection of strategic partnerships for the distribution of third-party technologies, are the presented services by Strata’s products. From the company’s central headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, it has built upon an extensive product portfolio that serves global markets over a span of six continents and multiple industries.

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