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    30 August, 2021 / 0 Comments Metro 3 Line in Mumbai have Marked its 38th Breakthrough

    MMRC (Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation), marked its 38th breakthrough at CSMT (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) Metro Station. Surya-1, the Robbins made TBM finished its final upline drive of 557meters from Hutatma Chowk to CSMT Metro Station in less than 5 months (149 days) by using 405 concrete rings. With this 5.8-km long tunnel from Cuffe Parade to CSMT Metro Station completed, the whole tunneling scope of package-1 is now finished.

    Package-1, which comprises Cuffe Parade, Churchgate, Vidhan Bhavan and Hutatma Chowk Metro stations, has now observed eight breakthroughs totally. The Cuffe Parade to Vidhan Bhavan (Upline– 1228m and Downline–1254m), the Vidhan Bhavan to Churchgate (Upline–498m and Downline– 481m), the Churchgate to Hutatma Chowk (Upline–654m) and the Hutatma Chowk to CSMT (Upline- 557m and Downline– 569m).

    100% completion of tunneling work in 6 out of 7 contract packages covering the whole 33.5 km stretch. The overall tunneling completed on the project is 52-km which is about 96% of the total project.

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