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    24 January, 2021 / 0 Comments The first factory in Iran to produce full mechanized tunnel boring machines, has been opened with the presence of the Minister of Trade, Mine and, Industry -Reza Rahmani.

    This production company with the brand of Tunnel Saz Machine has been launched in an area with 6,000 square meters and it has provided employment for more than 105 people. Tunnel Saz Machine Company is the first factory in Iran and the Middle East to produce full mechanized tunnel boring machines, with an annual production capacity of 2 tunnel boring machines in different sizes to meet the needs of the country in providing the equipment which is needed to build full mechanized tunnels. Besides preventing the outflow of foreign currency, it will conduct economic growth and development in the country as well. Last year, Tunnel Saz Machine Co. has become a member of Qazvin’s Science and Technology Park as a knowledge-based company with presenting a technological design under the caption of design and construction of full mechanized excavation machine. Right now, the technology of producing this device is available only in a limited number of advanced countries such as Germany, USA, France, and Japan. The company has a nominal capacity of producing 18 machines per year, which in the first six months of this year has produced and sold a complete machine with its related equipment. The Minister of Trade, Mine, and Industry mentioned that: With the development of knowledge-based companies, a serious move has been made in the industry and society, and fortunately the young generation has been actively involved in entrepreneurship in this field. Mr. Rahmani added: "Plans have been made to export knowledge-based goods and major steps will be taken in this area very soon." Many executive managers and significant people have been present in this visit such as Qazvin’s governor, Qazvin’s representatives in the parliament, the head of Trade, Mine, and Industry Organization of Qazvin and etc.

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