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    24 January, 2021 / 0 Comments The Vice President of Science and Technology visited the Tunnel Saz Machine Company, Manufacturer of mechanized drilling machine

    Referring to a government news website quoted from the Information and Communication Center of the Vice President of Science and Technology of the President, Mr Sattari, on the sidelines of this visitation quoted: There are more than 4,200 knowledge-based companies that during last year have recorded a 60 trillion Toman sales, and this year they will have significant sales as well. The initiators of this transformative movement were young people who made creativity as a source, and create jobs and wealth. We hope this move will continue with the same intensity and loyalty that has begun. Mr. Sattari noted that the importance of young people in the fresh economy is showing the need for young people to be at the heart of the country's economy. More than 60 percent of companies are new and startups that have just begun their work, but fortunately they are becoming the largest and most profitable business in the country. We have a lot of companies selling a few billion dollars, and this is a major shift in previous structures. Mr. Sattari declared that commercialization is a comprehensive process which requires the participation and commitment of all sectors of society: "We are all part of this process. Science and technology parks, universities, research centers, and most importantly, the people, are part of the commercialization process and are an important cultural milestone to be created in order for the private sector to play a role. Our effort at the government has been to step up the promotion of this culture and pave the way for the private sector to enter.

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