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    23 January, 2021 / 0 Comments Tunnel Saz Machine Company joined in Qazvin Science and Technology Park

    In order to realize the country's scientific goals to expand, apply the innovation and commercialization of the research and development, Tunnel Saz Machine, the leading company in the mechanized drilling industry has been designing and developing an expert team, consisting of experienced engineers to design and step towards the construction of Mechanized Tunnel-boring Machines (TBMs).

    High value added, advanced technology and the country's need, due to the increasing development of its infrastructure to this device, are some of the reasons that the company has taken into consideration this goal.

    It is worth noting that currently the technology of this machine is available to a limited number of advanced countries in the world, such as Germany, USA, France and Japan. It is hoped that we may include in them the name of our beloved country, Iran, in near future.

    In order to implement this goal, the company has started to equip a factory in the 18 km of Qazvin city with an area of 6,000 square meters. By operating the plant it will cause nominal capacity of 50 people directly and 80 people indirectly to work, which will increase by about twice as much as capacity increase.

    This is the first factory to manufacture all mechanized machinery in Iran and the Middle East, with the annual production capacity of 2 excavation machine in different sizes to supply the equipment needed for the construction of all mechanized tunnels regarding the country needs, in addition, prevents exiting currency, that will lead an economic growth and development.

    In order to use the capacities, technical and scientific potential of the province, and in order to synergy science and experience, the Tunnel Saz Machine Company, with its technical design, which is entitled; Designing and Manufacturing of All Mechanical Engineering Machines (TBM) on 28 / 05 / 2018 with favorable votes from the members of the Council of Science and Technology Park, got able to accept and join to the Science and Technology Park of Qazvin province.

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