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    24 January, 2021 / 0 Comments Visit of the Managing Director and Directors Board Chairman of Support Fund for Research and Development of Iran’s Advanced Industries

    Mr. Reza Naghi Pour Asl, the Managing Director and Head of directors board of Support Fund for Research and Development with Mr. Saeid Nabil. Head of Trade, Mine, and Industry Organization, and a group of executives of SAMT Organization have visited Tunnel Saz Machine’s Knowledge-base and productive unit for supporting production and investigating in the field of knowledge-base and modern technologies. In this visit, the Managing Director of Support Fund for Research and Development of Iran’s Advanced Industries has stated that the achievements of this company, the production ability and specialized overhaul of advanced boring machines, and also its potential in achieving the knowledge of design and construction of TBM and MTBM mechanized boring machines, tunnel conveyor belt systems and other cutting tools, is a national honor. By continuing this process, and with developing and deepening technical knowledge of this field, many of civil developmental activities of the country such as water transport, city trains, and etc. will have the least dependency to the foreign countries. Mr. Naghi Pour Asl by praising the efforts of this company and other activists who have taken steps in the path of resistive economy with the aim of reducing dependency to foreign countries, and national product boom, has announced the Fund’s readiness to support through providing facilities for research and development designs. Moreover, regarding the company’s types of activities, he mentioned that the possibility of presenting contract guarantees for this company is one of the other services of this Fund. He also added: “boosting the country’s technological development of industries, and the process of deepening construction and producing advanced industries, is requiring a serious and collateral diligent determination of all the actors in the field of financing the country, especially in the fields of technology with highest rate of value added, and most reducing the dependency to outside.”

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