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    The Tunnel Saz Machine by overhauling and rehabilitating of more than 14 TBMs and micro-TBMs in Iran is recognized as the most experienced company in this field.
    The high performance of the company’s renovated machines is a success that has been achieved by utilizing its experienced experts in various fields of expertise and adherence to the principles of professionalism.
    Introducing some of the devices, updated by this company:

    – Two Herrenknecht Made TBM S-157 and S-357
    – Three Lovat Made TBM
    – One Robbins-Seli Made TBM
    – Two Micro TBM From Herrenknecht
    – One Iseki Micro TBM
    – One MTS Micro TBM
    – Three Tunnel Conveyor System From CCL and ROWA