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    Due to the timing of the process of supplying spare parts and consumables of mechanized drilling machines and equipment, as well as the high cost of stopping these equipment, management of supplying spare parts is one of the main concerns of the owners of the equipment.
    Failure to provide timely and adequate spare parts in the warehouse, as well as spending high costs to store large volumes of equipment, which mostly remain unused at the end of the project, are both weaknesses of experts and procurement. The opinion of this company is that the engineering and specialized supply should be such that, in addition to minimize the fact that the machinery stopped due to the need for a spare part, the inventory at the end of the project be reasonable as well, Until the project’s operating capital, which is required to carry out the work, not be blocked in an unreasonable manner in the project’s warehouse.
    Provide advisements on the procurement and supply of spare parts and management of this part of the services will be offered to customers in its Package of Services.