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    Providing technical and executive advice to tunneling projects promoters is one of the most important factors affecting the final success of the project and the implementation of the work according to the project’s planned timetable and budget, which, unfortunately, is mostly not appropriately pay attention in the projects and will cause heavy and irreparable consequences.
    Delays in implementation, re-budgeting of construction projects, stopping executive operations and etc., are among the problems that arise from lack of proper technical advice in the initial decision-making of projects.

    1. Consulting services offered by the Tunnel Saz Machine Co.
    2. Advice on the selection of equipment and the technical requirements of the project accordingly
    3. Advice on locating and presenting the workshop in order to achieve maximum efficiency
    4. Advice on the commercial processes and the purchase of equipment
    5. Advice on how to navigate and adjust the drilling parameters
    6. Advice on providing solutions for drilling problems caused by dealing with specific geological conditions
    7. Consultation in the field of procurement and supply of spare parts and consumables
    8. Advice on principles of service and maintenance
    9. Specialized advice on solving electrical and mechanical problems of the device and equipment